Geek Out

I think this is pretty obvious.

So, this will be the category for all things nerd. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings… Anything pertaining to super heroes and cartoons and comic books. Also tech-related things, etc… I’m a pretty big nerd so expect this category to be used a lot.

I’m always open to suggestions, so feel free to comment on this page and let me know what you want to see on this blog!


4 thoughts on “Geek Out

    • That’s tough. I like so many of them… I absolutely loved the first two X-men films, as well as Origins: Wolverine and First Class. My favorite X-man is probably Rogue, or Gambit even though he wasn’t an X-man yet in the film. As for the why, I think they did a great job of making the mutant evolution realistic and showing how it would happen, and how they would fit into society. I think they did the comics and the 90s cartoon series justice, but I really hated X3! haha
      But I really respect what Christopher Nolan has done with his Batman series. All three of those have blown me away, and Batman is such a favorite for so many people that I think it’s impressive these films have been so well-received by diehard fans and newbies alike.
      I’m really anxious to see what they do with Man of Steel. Superman Returns was kind of a bust, and he is one of my favorites, so I really want to see a good one!
      And, it’s not necessarily superhero related, but I’m pumped for Star Trek: Into Darkness as well!
      What about you?

  1. Man oh man were so very thorough…You ARE a geek…I like that…:)…….Anyways as to your response and question….I really liked X-men First Class….I Ioved the first Wolverine movie..(why critics give it bad review I will never understand) …I also agree that X3 was a dud for me…..I really liked the Gambit and Rogue relationship and character in the comics and it made me mad that they didn’t exploit that in the movie (or give her Rogue her Ms Marvel powers like she had in the comic book)…oh well maybe later…Definitely want to see the new Superman movie…I hope its closer to Smallville in tone which I watched religiously. . I loved the first two Batman’s by Nolan but was very disappointed by the third (way to plot driven for me and character and story suffered for it)….Def looking fwd to Star Trek: Into Darkness..(I love the whole cast), Now to answer the question…ha …I really like the new Spiderman, Andrew Garfield (a Brit) and the treatment of his character (I’m a BIG Spiderman comic fan in general) …hope to see a good sequel…but I like everything lately that’s been out from Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, and Captain America, the Watchmen, (NOT Green Lantern) etc…I am a comic book crazy…thanks for your great response..Cheers!

    • Ohh Watchmen was awesome. And I loved Andrew Garfield as Spidey as well. He was much truer to the character in my opinion. I love the snarky side of Spider-Man and while I liked Spider-Man 1 and 2, that version was a little too serious at times. And didn’t really care for 3, but who did?
      Yes, Smallville! Also watched it religiously and have DVD boxed sets still lingering on my shelf… 🙂
      All the Avengers movies have been fantastic so far, but as they weren’t characters I knew much about before, I haven’t gotten as attached to them. Still awesome though.

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