moon over pines

A grey wolf stood on high, the moon only a crescent, but bright as white-hot fire, casting her light on the whole mountain-top and the sea of pines below. Tall, strong sentinels guarding the realm of man and beast, they whispered their secrets to the world in a language none but their own could understand.

Eyes bright, the Sister wolf gazed at her pale companion, forever longing to share the night sky and the knowledge of the stars.

But the mountain does not rise to meet the heavens, no matter how much it may appear to from below.

A sound like the wind singing over the highest peaks broke through the still silence of the night, and the wolf’s bright eyes closed to reveal only darkness as she tossed her head back.

Below, the shadows of men searched for something pure to corrupt or destroy––a never-ending campaign to reclaim a mountain that could not be conquered to begin with. They rose with knife and bow, creeping through the black lands created by the white watcher in the sky. They hunted for Brothers and Sisters alike, reveling in each defeat as a victory for Mothers and Sons.

The howling wind ceased as shadows drew nearer, and the wolf turned from the moon and descended to face the night once more.

One night I will know the secrets of the pines, and then I will join you amid the stars. Until then, I will wait.



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