Their eyes locked, his green to her blue. She thought she could see some flecks of gold shining in the sunlight.

His laugh would ring out in her ears, causing a grin as her fingers curled around soft brown hair. Her skin was smooth and warm beneath his well-used hands, his lips. Sensations clashed like thunder—the roughness of his jaw, the soft whisper of breath on her neck, the tension in his chest battling with the unexplainable relief that, after all this time, it was true.

She was the stuff of myths and legends. Her hair she had stolen from Aphrodite: a sea of golden waves that undulated as it fell loosely down her back. Her arms belonged to Artemis: lithe and strong, unyielding as they wrapped about his shoulders, long fingers locked around the opposite wrist for security. She was Pandora, Helen of Troy, Andromeda…

A summer breeze rustled the leaves and the light danced upon their faces. The grass was soft and warm beneath bare feet as he pressed his forehead against hers and whispered words no other mortal would ever hear. Her eyes slid closed and when their lips met, every nerve became a live wire.

When she opened them again, he was gone. Those flecks of gold, that brown hair… He was lost in a crowd of ordinary faces. Just another moment that had passed in a world that kept on turning.


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