Decked Out: Workday

I try to look cute and sort of edgy/vintage for my job at Vintage Vibe Boutique here in Tuscaloosa. Here’s something I wore the other day on a lunch date with my BFF and then to work. Yes, I get a few strange looks sometimes because of what I’m wearing. I guess if that’s what I get for not wearing oversize T-shirts and Nike Tempo shorts every day for every occasion, that’s fine with me. I wear what I like.

Pink and Lace Crop Top: Sears; High-waist Grey Shorts with Tie: American Eagle; “Flashdance” shoes, as they’ve been called by a friend before: Buckle.

Photo guest starring Marshmallow the Polar Bear, Donna’s new furry friend. :] ALSO, these photos with hopefully get better soon. I’ve got to get a new memory card for my camera so I’ve just been using my phone. But you get the idea. Ciao!


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