Decked Out: First Day of School

You’ll find out as I post more of these “what I wore” type things that my style is pretty versatile. This one is pretty hippied-up, but I don’t have one particular theme for my wardrobe or anything. It’s pretty much just whatever I like and changes on the daily.
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Ignore how low quality the photo is. This is what I wore on my first day of classes this fall. I was setting the bar pretty high for this semester, because I love this top. I got it at Bonnaroo for $15. Paired it with some linen shorts and TOMS. The feather earrings are from Charming Charlie.

The peace bracelet also came from Bonnaroo. I think it was $2.50. The small skull bracelet is from Romancing the Stone, and the brown fang one is actually a necklace, which came from Charming Charlie for about $8.


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